Friday, May 2, 2008

My Squares from Gaby - Round #6....

Aren't they adorable?!??! I love pansies & I love the design! Thank you so much Gaby for these wonderful squares! I can't wait to "finish" them.... just have to decide what to make them into first! :-) Gaby also sent me some other goodies & we did a trade, Country Cottage charts for the Christiane Dahlbeck book Blumenwiese which I adore! Thank you again Gaby, I appreciate it so much & can't wait to show you how I finish these lovely squares! :-) (more details in my blog!)

Happy stitching!!


Vonna said...


Einschies blog said...

Good to hear, I am always sooo relieved when I heart my packages arrived safely,-))

I found out you like pansies (from your blog) and after seeing the Dahlbeck pansy design I have to stitch it for you;-))

Have fun and finish it soon,-))


Daffycat said...

What a wonderful exchange and such pretty squares!