Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rec'd July 4th from Wanda

Wanda, I received my squares and I love them! Your stitching is beautiful! And you were so generous with everything else! Below is a pic of everything I received - ribbon, a hi-liter, patriotic silk thread by The Thread Gatherer, a strawberry scented candal (the box smells heavenly!), a beautiful shade of blue linen and fabric and post-it notes! Alot! Thank you, oh generous Wanda! I love it all! I love coming home to these little presents! Vonna, this exchange was such a great idea! I'm having so much fun! On to looking for patterns for the Summer exchange! Thank you, thank you, Wanda!
Suzanne St.

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Wanda said...

Glad you like it Suzie, I had fun stitching this for you!