Friday, June 20, 2008


Hi Members,
I'd like to thank the following long-time members that took the challenge and Moderate for me:
  • AmySC
  • Jill F.
  • Michele W.
  • Joan S. (if I can talk her into it!)

We'll have a nicely ran exchange with these ladies helping me out. Thank you Ladies ;)

You'll notice that I've done some "rearranging" too....I've got our lists on a separate blog now instead of in the sidebar so that it is easier to read all the information pertaining to a certain round at one place and all grouped together. WE'll finish Round #7 and Celebrate Summer in the sidebar of this blog and then all the other rounds will be on the other blog which is linked to from this blog. You all still just post to this blog your squares, etc.

My e-mail has changed to: please make sure that you use this e-mail now for anything regarding Fair and Square - my family e-mail was getting clogged up with requests etc for this and now with this e-mail just for Fair and Square I can locate everything quickly and what people told me etc. instead of relying on my own brain cells.

I've also added some more Holiday Rounds take a gander at the side bar under Round Dates Quick Reference for the dates of each specific round and then click on the links to get to the actual information about that round.

When you sign up for an exchange (WHEN IT IS OPEN) please contact the person that is listed as MODERATOR for that exchange.

Everything else will go to me as usual, except for the rounds that are being moderated by a specific moderator.

The RULES have been adjusted a bit...perhaps it would be good to take a look at those so that we can all be on the same page.

Thanks for your attention to these details and implementing them into your exchanging here!

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