Monday, June 16, 2008

Heads UP...

Mailing deadlines for Round #7 is fast approaching. All squares should be in the mail by Friday, June 20th. If this isn't going to happen, please let your partner and myself know.

I know there has been panic spread about sending goodies this round. This is the LAST round that goodies can be sent. The old rule made "new" again - no goodies (period) - takes effect from rounds going on after Round #7.

Thanks for everyone's attention to details! Everyone has been marking round #'s and first and last initial on all their posts...makes my life so much easier to track everyone. THANK YOU!

And the squares exchanged of late have been gorgeous...did you see the tea cup, the flowers, the quilt square, I could go on....see THAT is what Fair and Square is ALL about! Attention to the square...and stitching the most lovely thing that you can! GORGEOUS squares have been exchanged of late....lucky ladies we have and talented stitchers!

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