Thursday, June 19, 2008

Moderators NEEDED!

EDITED: I have my moderators - thank you all for your consideration!

Hello Members,
I have decided that I need some time to myself to stitch rather than try to keep all my irons in one fire. So I'm going to ask you all if you'd help me out with moderating some exchanges. I need help with the upcoming rounds - Round #8 and Round #9.

Moderators will need to be a long standing member of Fair and Square - this could be defined as a member that has exchanged successfully at least 4 times on time. Your e-mail will be listed in the sidebar with the Round you are hosting for people to contact you to JOIN the round. You will be responsible for marking people as SENT or REC'd and keeping the list for the specific round you are moderating up to date.

Once the Round is closed for sign - ups you will be responsible for:
  • pairing the partners
  • publishing the partner list in a post and in the sidebar under the Participants list
  • sending the partners address information to each participant
  • updating the Member Profiles with partner name under "Previous Partners" so we can make sure partners are not duplicated

Moderators will be responsible for e-mailing the members who have not mailed on time at least weekly until the squares have been exchanged. Any problems should be turned over to Vonna and we together will make decisions and solve problems together.

INTERESTED? please e-mail Vonna privately at please take some consideration with this, I need reliable, dependable people that are willing to put the same effort into it as I do. It's hard for me to let go, but I need help in a bad way. Thank you for your consideration and help in this matter. Sincerely, Vonna

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