Friday, June 27, 2008


ALL PARTNER INFORMATION has been sent. If you haven't received the info, please let me know. Thank you!

Please remember that we:

  • Stitch on 32 ct. evenweave or linen ONLY

  • BOTH squares must be at least 6 inches SQUARE

  • Evenweave/fabric must be a neutral shade; nothing garish or heavily mottled

  • We mail ON TIME and if we don't then we notify our partner and our moderator

  • We POST to the board when mailing, receiving our squares and post a picture if possible - if we cannot post a picture then we notify our partner so they may post a picture

  • We label our posts at a minimum with our name (and initial if common first name), our partners name and the round number

  • We contact our partner and learn more about them

  • We stitch beautiful squares with our partner's requests in mind

  • We relax and have fun!

Partners were paired randomly as follows:

Peg - Cathy B.
Diane M. - Lisa VV
Tuula H. - Missy Ann
Pokua - Clare
Joan S. - Angela P.
Sue W. - Gaby M.
Nicola - Maureen Q
Paula C. - Danica M
Dani B. - Suzanne S.
Jayne N. - Shelley P.
Christine R. - Anna W.
Annette - Brenda H.
Annemiek - Michelle B.
Nicky R. - Heidi
Jen R.- Anna TL
Mairi G. - Staci
Ruth B. - Janice M.
Sara - Rita H.
Jennifer B. - Laura M.
Darla L - Daniela B.
Brigitte A. - April K.
Kathy A.- Sandra G.
Jayne P. - Margit C.
Terry P. - Malinda B
Amy SC - Marie P.
Jill F - Lynda A
Chantal - Marion
Sonda - Marg F.
Lesley B. - Wendy Jo
Melita - Anna VS
Mary Kathryn - Lei
Michele W. - Veronica O.
Karen D. - Jeanie C.

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