Monday, June 2, 2008

Wonderful Exchange From Ruth

A huge thank you to Ruth for the wonderful blocks she stitched. I love the design that she selected, it is from the Textile Collection. The signature block is so very pretty. The design was taken from Papillon's Mystery Sampler which can be found in the online stitching magazine titled Gift of Stitching. I was also treated to a great piece of fabric and some Sampler Threads.

Thanks so much Ruth for making this a very special exchange.

I am sorry for the poor picture, I am not sure what it is with the F&S pictures that I take, they do not come out very well and I am on a mission to find out why.

1 comment:

gudi stickt wieder said...

Its looks wonderful.

I Love your exchange, but my english is not so good and I havent make an exchange :-(
I Have send an email to your with part 3 + 4 (Many Years Sampler)

Have a good time