Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hi from Jane F.

Hi everyone
I have just signed up to Fair and Square for the first time ( I will be joining round 9) and thought I would introduce myself. Some of you I know will know me from other groups.
I am Jane F from Manchester in the UK , forty something with a DH and 2 DDs aged 19 and 16 living at home. I work full time as a Biomedical scientist in a hospital lab ( Vonna I am a Microbiologist too!) so don't find a lot of time for stitching.
I love to stitch LHN, Ink Circles, Papillon designs and most Quaker/sampler type things - nothing too fussy and I don't do cute!
Hoping to get to know some new people through this group and generally to have a good time!


Lisa said...

Hi Jane, welcome to the group, you will enjoy it here. I am originally from Manchester and we emigrated to Australia when I was 9, I still have some relatives over there.

Vonna said...

Warm Welcomes Jane!
How interesting that your in Microbiology too :)
It's a lovely field isn't it?! LOL!

Gillie said...

Hi Jane,
We live near Chicago now but our last home in England was in Sale, dh worked in Runcorn. Welcome!