Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thanks for allowing me to join,Vonna

Hello all,
I am new here and my name is Peggy S and I am really looking forward to being on the blog.This is my very first blog and looking good so far.:)
I do have a few ?'s When can we start stitching the Halloween Round and when will you know who your partner is and last but not least,what color do we use,do we wait until we see what our partner would like to have?
Thanks in advance,
Peggy S
P.s.Sorry so long,would like to get it right.


Vonna said...

Peggy all of these questions are answered either in the rules or in the Welcome Letter that was sent to you. But I will quickly tell you the answer to your questions. You are assigned randomly with another person. You will stitch for them and they will stitch for you. Since you are doing the Halloween Round you must choose something that deals with the posted THEME which is seen in the details of the swap - what is acceptable to stitch. Which for the Halloween round is anything that has to do with the holiday Halloween or is representative of it. You can stitch anything that you want to for your partner and if you want to start now, I suppose that is fine since this is a round where you stitch a certain theme. If you were doing a "regular round" which is a non-themed round - then you would need to wait until you get your partner's name and then look at their Member Profile to see what their LIKES/DISLIKES are.

As it says in the Halloween round information: the Round Runs from August 18 - October 1. SO that means that you will receive your partner's information (and they yours) on or before August 18, but not before August 15 because that is when the sign ups close.

Finally, I'm not sure what you mean about "what color do you use" but if your talking about linen. It specifically (in many places, rules, the welcome letter, etc.) it says 32 ct. ONLY. Linen/Evenweave ONLY. In neutral colors, no heavily mottled fabric. and I think in my rules I give certain examples of color, but lets just quickly say, white, cream, bone, tan, taupe, natural, light brown, goldens, etc. All neutrals, no wild colors!
Now if your talking floss that would depend on your pattern.

I hope this helps your questions, if you need further assistance please check the rules and if you still are not satisfied, then please contact me, my e-mail is all over this blog.

craftypeg said...

Thanks for helping me out.Boy do I feel silly.
Thanks again,