Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ATTENTION!!! ALL members

I have been contacted by three separate members so now I have to say something again about goodies or extras being sent with squares.

Listen, this isn't a hard concept. Please don't send any extras or goodies with any exchange round that you participate in. Here's Rule #16 copied and pasted here EXACTLY as it is written - which you ALL were asked to read and understand PRIOR to your joining:

16.) Extra gifts or goodies are not to be sent (period!); all we're interested in is your lovely stitched squares! If you make something handmade (pincushions, needlecase, whatever crafty) and would like to give a "handmade" item to your partner that is fine. But please remember that this is NOT REQUIRED and in all likliness you WILL NOT receive anything in return. So let's keep it simple - send the squares and maybe a postcard of your state/country/city and leave it at that.

I will not address this again, I'm (and all the other moderators) are doing this for "fun" and a lot of people are exchanging successfully and having a grand time of it all. Let's not ruin it for the people that DO follow the rules. Many people join this exchange for the EXPRESS purpose of there not being any goodies....let's set the precedence here, please.

A note on mailing and communicating with your moderator: I have taken a large step back on moderating these rounds solo - as you all know - I now have moderators that take care of some rounds for me. That does not mean that I don't look at the lists, do not notice how things are going. There are still a lot of outstanding people on Round #8 and other rounds that have not received/sent their squares and the deadline date has come and gone days, weeks ago and in the case of #8 months ago. Let's get the keyboards out and send some messages to our partners and moderators. If exchanges are not mailed soon, and you've not communicated with someone about it - then you will be deleted. It is unfair that people receive things and then never follow through with their end of things.

Thank you to all the many members that pay attention to details and follow the rules. I appreciate you!

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