Saturday, September 20, 2008


Since the e-mail that I sent yesterday has gone over like a lead balloon - I'll just post here.

My e-mail WAS NOT a device for me to anger you, upset you, delete you as a member - if you want to remain a member. It was a quick note, that I sent to every member ALL 175 people that were listed as members of this blog yesterday morning at 5:30 a.m. I don't see why I'm getting profoundly hateful, accusatory e-mails when all I'm asking is "if you don't wish to remain on Fair and Square, please contact me at xxx" and at the end I wrote "hope this finds you well!" How is that being intrusive or hateful on my part? I'm asking for information about your membership status that IS it!

I could have gone through 175 member e-mails and figured out that: must be Bruce Wayne and then I could have gone through lists of recent Fair and Square exchanges to see if Bruce has exchanged recently......that would of been easy and I'm sure only would have taken a week to figure out for 175 people. No problem, I have a week to do that,...since all I do is sit on this computer 24/7 - I don't have anything else in my life.

I am seriously thinking about deleting this blog. Now please don't start with the e-mails telling me "how wonderful I am" or "how much time I KNOW you spend on this board" or "thanking" me for doing it. All the "thanks" I need is for people to STOP and THINK before they fire off a hateful e-mail asking me "WHY" they are being so-called "targeted" by me. It is obvious that some have not been members of a well ran board, because the boards I've belonged to that were successful regularly poll their members to ensure that they still wanted the spot and if not to let them know. I never fired off an e-mail asking them "why" I was targeted.

I'm going to sit on this - for 48 hours - because I'm not going to act rashly. And I won't hand it over for someone else to do - so don't e-mail me telling me I'll take over. It's mine... and I and Annemarie started it together - I've put a lot of sweat, love and emotions (good and bad) into this blog and I won't just hand it all over to someone else to come in on a white horse and reap the benefits (if there are any). If you have a strong feeling one way or another about this blog then by all means contact me.

I am very angry, highly so - and I feel that members are judgemental toward me, and all I have done is give. All week I've dealt with this darn goodie thing and I AM SICK TO DEATH OF THE GOODIE ISSUE! I'm stopping now before I really do delete this blog. At this point....I don't know what to think or do....