Monday, September 29, 2008

My squares from Jenn

Look what arrived in my mailbox, these lovely squares from Jenn!

The design is Manuela's Sunflower. She changed the border from green to my favorite color, Red :) and added some beads all around the border for some bling! DH was very impressed with the bling! The sunflowers on the signature square are from a breadcloth leaflet .. soooo cute! She also included a scissor fob she made herself .. said she had the beads already and they were a perfect match to the squares .. and they are! I also got a little angle she made from a couple of small beads .. the cats loved it! I moved it so the cats would leave it alone and forgot to get it before taking the picture lol

Jenn, thank you sooo much for stitching these lovely squares for me, they are wonderful!

Hugs, Michele

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