Monday, September 1, 2008

Round #8 Participants - PLEASE READ!

Hi ladies! I have 10 people who I don't have marked as either sent OR received on round #8. I might have just missed the posts, so could you please take a look at the list & let me know if the info by your name is correct? We had 66 people in this round so it's a lot to keep up with.



Chantal said...

Marion was my partner . She wrote in the blog that she send the squares , i think around august 11 . but i still didn't received them . Normally it's not a week .

staci said...

Hi Amy, Mairi G posted that she rec'd her squares on 8/27. Thanks :)

tkdchick said...

Amy I've sent and recieved! I'm sure I posted both!

karen said...

Amy, i rec'd from Jeanie C. and she should be receiving my me very soon. I cc'd you on the email hoping it got to you.
thanks karen