Sunday, October 5, 2008

Attention Members - please read!

I'm in need of some replacement stitchers. I've had a run on people not receiving their squares owed to them and my list is getting short. If you would like to do a RAK for someone (random act of kindness - because that is what this is - you won't be getting squares in return) - please let me know so that I can add you to my list.

How replacement stitching works is: when there is a member that has not received after the 8 weeks is up (or more in some cases, if we have tried to work with the member not sending) I call for an replacement stitcher. I send an e-mail to the first person on my list - if that person can't do it - I send to the next and so on until one on the list is able to stitch for the member that has not received their end of the exchange. I don't expect you to do it when I ask - I just inquire and if you can't do it at that time it is fine - you remain on the list until the next time. When you fulfill a request, I wipe you off the list - until you ask me to put you back on the list. I put new replacement stitchers on the bottom of the list and work my way down.

If interested please e-mail me at

Thank you for your help and kindness in helping me to fulfill exchanges!

NOTE: members who fail to follow through with exchanges are deleted - it is unfair to sign up for an "exchange" and only receive and never give back. The rules are clearly stated and each and every member sees the rules multiple times in multiple places, there is no excuse (minus failing health, emergency, trauma, etc) and those things are usually worked out. Casually asking for a replacement stitcher because you just can't follow through with an exchange is not an excuse and I think the rules are clearly stated enough for everyone to come to this conclusion themselves and understand why I have to stand behind them. Thank you! ~ Vonna

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