Sunday, October 5, 2008

a basketful

I've finished up all the squares I have received up to this point - 10 in all. It is nice to have them displayed in one spot.

These are filled with ground walnut shells and have a very nice weight, great for holding down things on my worktable when it's breezy or if I'm working with rumpled or curling fabric.

I was going to put tassels on these but in the end went with a simple little bead detail on the corners. I'm signed up for 4 more exchanges in 2008 - I think I need a bigger basket :0)

Thank you to all my exchange partners for the wonderful squares!



Susan said...

Beautiful Job! I just love how you finished them. I've only just signed up for my first exchange, and am looking forward to it after seeing all the lovely photo's that are posted.

Vonna said...

My goodness aren't they all beautiful! Congratulations on your wonderful finishing :o)

Einschies stitching blog said...

Yes these display looks really nice;-)))


lynda said...

Your basket looks great! What a wonderful way to display your squares.