Friday, October 17, 2008


That there are currently ZERO rounds open for sign ups ~ as we are in the "END OF YEAR CLEAN UP" period. Let's focus on finishing the exchanges that we have ongoing presently (which there are A LOT going on right now)

Sign ups on the first of the year exchanges will be as follows:

Round #11 (Sign ups) Dec 1 - Jan. 9
Celebrate the Season ~ WINTER 2009 (Sign Ups) Dec. 26 - Jan 12
Special Round *EASTER* (Sign Ups) Jan 1 - Jan 30
Round #12 (Sign ups) Jan 9 - March 6

These are the "sign up" dates only - there will be no other rounds openingly exchanging besides the ones that are currently ongoing. Please check the actual Exchange Post (link in the sidebar) for dates of the rounds, etc.

In closing, please do NOT sign up for any exchanges if you have no intention of following through with them. I (and my moderators) are very forgiving as long as you communicate with us. When the lines of communication are open - you're still in good standing with this blog and exchanging. When the lines of communication are stopped, thats when I have to start hounding people. I don't like to hound anyone - I just want us all to participate and have fun. I'm not chastizing anyone - so please do not take it in this way - but I am still dealing with multiple exchanges that should have been finalized a long, long time ago. Work with me and I'm happy, willing and will enthusiastically work with you.

Thank you and may you all have a great weekend.

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