Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ROUND #9 Participants

Friendly reminder that the 8th week date for Round #9 is Monday, Oct. 13 - I still have some outstanding exchangers, some have not been marked as SENT still...so if you are behind on posting/finishing your squares...you need be e-mailing me so I know what is going on with everyone.

Again, ALL Participants take a look at the list...if your name is not marked as: SENT (and you've sent), RECD (and you've received) then let me know, I know I may well miss posts or you thought you posted and it didn't publish.

If your name is not marked as SENT by Oct. 13, you are forcing me to review your membership. That is 8 weeks from the start of the round a 50 x 50 square can be stitched in that amount of time.

Thank you again to everyone participating, without your cooperation and attention to details, this exchange could not happen!

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