Saturday, January 10, 2009

Attention Winter Round Exchangers

All partners have been assigned and e-mails have been sent. If you did not received an e-mail and you signed up for this exchange, please e-mail Jill.

Partners are as follows:
Karen T. / Kendra G.
Susan P. / Sharon V.
Nancy K. / Lynda A.
Milly D. / Rita H.
Cindy F. / Jane F.
Heather M. / Jayne P.
Beth H. / Marie P.
Sonda M. / Heidi B.
Melissa P. / Claire G.
Renee K. / Jennifer F.
Michele W. / April K.
Gillie K. / Kathy A.
Karen R. / Danica M.
Jen R. / Jill F.
Suzanne St. / Vonna P.

Thank you,

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