Monday, July 6, 2009

Fair Square Members

I hate to have to do this but I feel the need has arisen.

I want to remind you that if for some reason you are unable to meet a deadline, you MUST not only contact your partner, but you must contact the moderator also. Below is from the "Member Rules":

15.) Failing to meet a deadline or not following through with your swap will mean instant termination from participating in future swaps. Life happens and if something comes up that throws the stitcher off schedule, please contact your partner and the moderator so that arrangements and schedules can be arranged. Communication is key! if you do not communicate with your partner and the moderator and fail to meet the deadline after the 8 weeks of a round (6 weeks stitching + 2 weeks "clean up" period) . You will be deleted as a member - no questions asked. Fair and Squares is implementing immediately a ZERO tolerance on all members that fail to mail their exchanges and do not communicate with their moderators and partners.

If you do not keep the moderator in the loop, we do not know what is going on. I realize things come up in life which puts us behind. Believe me when I say I know. I lost my dad last week after being quite sick for about 3 weeks so I am playing catch up on some things also.

I am playing this by the rules that have been set and am not going to babysit anyone. We are all adults.

Thank you,

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