Friday, July 10, 2009

Round 13 to Claudia K.

I never heard from Claudia whether or not she received the squares I sent to her for Round 13. Sadly, nor did I receive any squares from her. Corinna has stepped in and graciously agreed to stitch replacement squares for me. In the meantime, Jill said I should go on and share a pic of what I sent to Claudia so others could see it.

Design: Celtic Knot (May 2007 freebie)
Designer: Ink Circles
Fabric: 32-count Natural linen
Fibers: Soy Luster (Purple Haze, Easter Egg Candy, & Heliotrope)




FayeRaye said...

These were very nice! Sad to know you had a mixup with the exchange. Here is hoping that never happens again!

Jill said...

Beautiful squares! Too bad your exchange didn't turn out quite like it is suppose to. Hopefully you will receive squares soon.

The Daily Mel said...

Thanks ladies. Even though I never got any acknowledgment, hopefully they arrived safely and will be enjoyed anyway.