Friday, October 30, 2009

Autumn Exchange with Daniela

Autumn 2009 Round from Daniela T (My Needle Art)
Brooke's Books Autumn Pantry

These lovely squares came all the way from Finland in a wonderful exchange with Daniela. Not only do I love the squares, but Daniela included a beautiful felted wool flower pin she made (it's going to look perfect on my winter wool coat) and a gorgeous handmade card. I always admire these handmade cards, and I've gotten some really cool ones through these exchanges.

A tiny part of me is a little envious of the talent these cardmakers have, but the realistic part of me knows I can't take on another hobby (and probably couldn't do it as nicely as some of you can anyway!) So instead, I will admire the ones I receive and see posted on other blogs, and restrict myself to drooling in the paper and card aisles at the craft store.

Thank you, Daniela!

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corinna said...

those colors are gorgeous
so nice