Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fair Square 2010

The Christmas 2009 Round is the last Round for this year. Round #17 will be the first round in 2010 and signups for that will start on December 25.

Next year we are just going to have the 6 regular rounds and the 4 holiday rounds. This blog has 100+ members and the rounds have been averaging about 20 participants. I eliminated the seasonal rounds as they can be done in a regular round.

Thanks for participating and here's to a safe and wonderful holiday season!



Jennifer said...

Is there still a waiting list to get in the exchange? Perhaps members who haven't participated lately (say in the last 6 months or so many rounds) should give up their spots to new members.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything that you do so that we have this wonderful exchange blog. I really appreciate it.

FayeRaye said...

I enjoy this exchange so much!Thank you Jill for working so hard to moderate it~~ Faye