Monday, April 26, 2010

By the Seashore By Ruth - Ca.

Ruth I am so jealous. You can see
the sea from your window? Really?
I was 18 before I ever even saw the sea!
So . . . to say I love these little
squares is an understatement!!!
I love the sounds the sea makes
to help you sleep at night. I love
the cool ocean breezes and of
course the sunsets.
When I went on a cruise I could
not get enough of those sunsets.
It was breathtaking! Then there are those sea shells. I have
collected them from Galveston to
Cape Point, South Africa and back
again to Florida.
Your tree is so cute I know I couldn't do that. The charm
is just the right touch on your
So thank you so much for the
beautifully stitched squares of one
of my very favorite places on this
I love them!
God Bless ~
Lenna V.

1 comment:

LindataxPA said...

Oh Lenna............they are darling squares. I love how Ruth puts so much detail into what she stitches. The tiny sea shell on the signature piece is the perfect touch. Enjoy them!

Linda B