Monday, October 25, 2010

Round #19 from Linda B

I've been trying to catch up with some of my online blogging activities, particularly posting. Sometimes chasing a 1 year old around is not the best way of keeping focus on my own projects and a few things have fallen through the cracks. I am, however, making a conscious effort to get things caught up, starting with posting on this blog.

My partner for Round #19 way back in June was Linda B. Linda not only sent me these beautifully stitched squares, but when she saw that I had collected most of the rest of the fruit series, she asked if I had something special in mind with them. I told her that I had planned on stitching them over one, possibly as a bell pull for our kitchen, so in addition to the chart, she included the rest of the floss from the kit. Thank you, Linda!!!

Crescent Colors / Little House Needleworks Fruit Series: Apples

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