Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello from a newbie!

I'm so happy be a part of Fair and Square! A bit of info about me...I've been stitching for about 30 years. I taught myself to stitch after I bought a kit of a single butterfly that was going to look just perfect in my bathroom. I was hooked from that point on! My husband and I retired to northwest Arkansas in 2005 from Wisconsin. Since then I've made wonderful stitching friends from all over the world thanks to having extra time and a speedy internet connection. I hope to make new friends here as well. Thanks for including me!

Edited to add that I'm Pam K...I believe I saw that there was more than one Pam. :)


lanybleu said...

Hi Pam, I am glad to know you. I am also new, Elaine M from Ireland.
Hope you have fun.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Elaine, and nice to know you as well. I think we'll both have fun.

Pam K.

Marcy said...

Welcome Pam! I hope you enjoy yourself here.

RuthB said...

Hi Pam! Welcome to F&S. You'll have plenty of fun here, trust me.