Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Elaine M.-- They are BEAUTIFUL

See, I knew they would be!

2011 09 20 008

Such lovely squares with sparkly little beads. And a beautiful card, which I believe you made as well--- so lovely. Want to know my favorite bit? The honeycomb border--- it's so pretty and lacey looking.

Thanks for your willingness to fight through all the mail problems to the bitter end. At least now all your other F&S rounds will be smooth and peaceful.


lanybleu said...

Glad you like them Ruth and so glad they arrived safe and sound.
Hope round 26 is uneventful ;-)

RuthB said...

Safe, sound, and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

thanks again

You know every once and awhile I glance at them and I swear I can hear those bees buzzing ;-)