Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LindaB wanna see? (and Lessons Learned by an Overly-Eager Stitcher)

I couldn't work out what to stitch for Linda for Round 26, but I did know for certain I was going to do it with this color palatte:
Now a week older and possibly a little wiser, I know what I'm stitching and none of the above colors are involved. Now the piece looks to be mostly:
and even two fo those colors are wrong now and there are 5-6 colors missing.

Memo to self: Dear Ruth, Picking colors you want to use *before* you pick th pattern works fine for motif samplers, but doesn't really work in anything else.

Linda--- I hope the new colors speak to you. I'm really done for if you like the first set. lol

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diamondc said...

Ruth: Positively beautiful threads, I look forward to seeing the finished item.