Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lynda A., you are causing me fits!!!!!!

Dearest Lynda -- what are you trying to do-- drive me crazy???!

Do you know how many floss tosses I "settled" on for you squares (so far)???? FOUR! Honest to pete. 4. You should see my poor pattern -- it's a scribbly mess of revisions and arrows pointing in new directions to new color choices. Sheesh. Oh and in between toss 3 and toss 4 I dropped my box of bobbins (open and upside down, of course). That was a real joy!

Aside from the fact that my pattern looks like a bad 3rd grade essay after a grumpy teacher has gotten ahold of it), I have another problem -- this weekend Emma Bull (who is you don't know is an American fantasy author) complimented the first of your squares. The last time an author complimented something I was stitching, the designated recipient never got the piece. I don't know. It could be a near thing. (hee heeee)

happy stitching,