Friday, March 23, 2012


Any one else itching to start your squares for the next round?    

I'm practically hopping with excitement.   I think it's almost to the point of me starting fondling floss.  What am I thinking???? I don't even know what I'm stitching yet!    Sheesh--- it's like a disease.  At the very least it should be a syndrome --F&SS... Fair and Square Syndrome.    Anyone else a sufferer?

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LindataxPA said...

What I love best about F & S is that we get to start something new even though there's a pile of WIP's. However, I also find myself fretting over what to stitch - will my partner like it - are the colors suitable for her - and how to finish the signature square! Thanks for reminding me to go sign up Ruth. Although I won't be starting anything until April 17 when the tax returns are done.