Friday, April 6, 2012

Daniela T. -- floss toss update

Hi, Daniela, I have been swamped on a special project for work so I have gotten no stitching done all week, but I have managed a floss toss for your squares. Want to see?

Front square (mostly as called for in the pattern)--- the threads are laid out on the fabric I'm planning on using for the squares:
Front square once I adjusted for preferences and dye-lot vagaries:
Signature square (So far.... it is early days though. Things could change.):

Everything look ok to you? lol Well as best as you can tell given you have no idea what I am stitching?

I do believe I am going to have fun.... that is if I ever make it out from under work!


lenna said...

I have stitched with fair and square and it was always fun. I miss them but I am busy with my mom now and don't have time.
I love your colors will check back to see what you stitch with them. I will be thinking of you and wishing I was there.
Good luck and God Bless ~

Daniela said...

The colours look wonderful Ruth, I am so excited.

LindataxPA said...

I love those colors - can hardly wait to see the magic you make from them! I just wish I had your talent to change colors.