Thursday, May 31, 2012

Warning-- Post likely to case Square Envy --

I warned you.... here are the LOVELY squares Daniela T. did for me:

Do you see the Finnish flag she added to the Maryse house?   I'm always going to think of this as my little cottage along a fjord.  

Thanks, Daniela!!!!!!!!


Christine said...

Lucky you! This is adorable!

Marcy said...

I love this -- and the flag just adds that special touch.

LindataxPA said...

Triple the sentiments - they are so cute! Please Daniela....share the designer as this would be a great chart for any country. The flag just makes it so special. You're right Ruth - pea green with envy!!!

Daniela said...

I am so glad you like them Ruth.

Linda: I just send you a private email with all the information about his design.