Tuesday, November 4, 2014

For Jennifer F.

Because our friend SweetPea is swamped I thought I'd drop in and show the squares I sent her in the nature/environment round so Jill can check them off the received list--

I went with a beach theme in honor of my California, sea-shell-collecting roots.  It is a modified Kooler Design pattern.  And, lest you should think I cannot read or pay attention (which, ok, has been known to happen), I checked in with Jennifer first to make sure it was ok to move from the usual neutral linen to a blue.  I just could not put those shells on cream linen;  it did not do them justice.

Thanks, Jennifer, for the fun of stitching with you!

Thanks, Jill, for making it all possible!


cucki said...

So sweet x

Michele said...

wow, that's beautiful!

Marcy said...

Very pretty. Love it on the blue fabric.

Kathy L. said...

Very pretty!