Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hello Everybody

My name is Vicki. I am a 43 year old single mom of two. I work night shift in an NICU unit as an RN. I have been stitching off and on for about 20 years - have been stitching more frequently since my children have gotten a little older and don't require as much of my time to entertain them. My favorite items are of animals (cartoon and real life), fantasy items, and birds. I am open to just about anything though. I haven't really decided what I will make, possibly a quilt or wall hanging. Can't wait to see what everybody creates.


DaisyGirl said...

Welcome Vicki!
Glad to meet you! I'm Donna(DaisyGirl). I work in a school cafeteria. Glad you joined!

Terry said...

Hey Little Sis,

Glad to see you here!!!

samplerknn said...

Hi Vicki,
I am Karen..glad to meet you! This should be great fun!