Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hi Everyone

I found this by reading Romy's blog and I just knew I had to join! I love the idea of a friendship quilt from all over the world. I am a 51 year old widowed woman and have been stitching for more years than I want to admit to...wait I already told you how old I was! hehehe I started stitching back in1980 and my tastes have changed over the years. I am like most of us here and have way more stash than I will ever stitch. I have gotten into samplers, in the last year. I love them all! I like the folk art ones, quakers ones band get the idea I love them all! I also collect teapots and shoes so I have a few of those charts to stitch one day. I am not really going to pick a theme for my squares I am going to let the stitcher choose as that way it will truely be a friendship quilt. The only thing I really don't like is "cutsey" stuff. When it comes time for names if my person needs ideas I will be more than happy to help with designers I like or give examples of things.

Can't wait to "meet" everyone.



Amy said...

Hi there Peg, nice to meet you! :-)

Lavender Rose said...

Peg, You and I are nearly the same age, and have been stitching the same length of time, and have similar tastes in samplers! Need I say more?? :)) Welcome and great to meet you!