Wednesday, May 16, 2007

French Toile Quilt in Mind

Hello, Fair & Squarers!! I'm so happy to be one of you and to start stitching together. I'm planning on making a quilt from the squares you send me.

I have a fabric which will be my primary quilting fabric. It's a french toile in a medium pink background with children playing with lambs, children playing tumbling and children collecting straw with a little church with a tall steeple in the background, and flowering trees in the has wreaths surrounding these motifs in multi-pinks (DMC 760-761 family) and reds (DMC 347 range) & white roses. There are different colors of greens, and a pretty blue (DMC 504ish) stream, also.

So, anything you want to stitch that I can put in my little quilt would be so welcomed. I love girly the Bright Needle girls and such... and French things, of course...little lambs... twinning little roses and birds...whatever you can think of and want to stitch! This is just to give you some ideas. Please don't misunderstand, I don't mean to dictate every part!!

Thank you so much, I will always treasure your parts in my quilt. And, I look forward to sending you stitched pieces that you will love and treasure, as well!

Lavender Rose


Amy said...

Hi Deb,
It sounds like you have a great quilt planned! Thanks for mentioning favorite designers, that helps! Do you think maybe some of the JBW Designs might fit as well? That's what some of your descriptions made me think of!

Lavender Rose said...

Amy, I'm really up for anything. Thank you for asking. It's all up to you girls!!

Marie-P said...

Deb, Can you scan your fabric and post it on your Blog? It would help me when selecting a design for you.