Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Themes Meme

Hi Ladies....Let me know what your themes are and I'll post them by participant in the sidebar...this way you have a quick reference as to what your partner is wanting/not wanting for their squares :)
Good Idea...??? I've already made up Donna's, Terry's and the side post what your likes/dislikes are and I'll make you up a sidebar reference :)
Thank you for your enthusiasm!!


Terry said...

What a Great Idea!

Julie said...

Hi Vonna, I imagine you're busy after reading all these posts and comments! I'll sign in tonight and post something. I'm sorry I didn't think to do this last night.
I like your likes/dislikes and would like mine worded almost the same. Please just add no dragons, fairies, angels, etc. Thanks

Amy said...

Hi Vonna,
Thanks for all of your hard work! As you will see, I've posted my LONG list! ;-) Can't wait to get started!!!

Barbara said...


Ditto your preference! ;)