Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Hey ladies,

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic responses to out intitative. I can assure all of you that Vonna and I are thrilled!

We've discussed this 'quilt by theme' thing some of you have mentioned, and we decided that's not really the way to go. Now, before you trod off and demand you have your name removed from the list of participants, let me hasten to say that you are, of course, all free to ask of your friends what you want. If you want your quilt (or squares, pinkeeps, needlebooks, whatever you want to make of the squares) to be a particular theme, you're free to ask the other participants to stitch something in that theme for you. That way, everybody gets what they want in the end. Heck, post your wishes on this very blog, and we will all take your wishes into account. Is this something you can all live with? Let us know! We're always open to suggestions.

As for the idea of posting something about Fair and Square in your own blogs, of course you're very welcome to do so! The more the merrier!

Happy stitching. Have you all rummaged through your stash yet, in search of 50 x 50 square material?

Edited (By Vonna): some of you have mentioned concerns about the size of the fabric...if you will go over to http://fairsquaresrules.blogspot.com you will see that I modified the size of the square of fabric to be stitched on and sent to the recipient. The size of the fabric shall be (and will not be changed) 7 in X 7 in. The reason I chose this is that the design is 50 x 50 this will give all recipients 2 inches to manipulate the square to fit their finishing needs. This also allows the squares to be sent in a smaller parcel. This is the final decision. All squares submitted shall be 50 x 50 stitches for the design (this is for stitching over 2 threads of linen). No backstitching around the design is required, as there have been some concerns about that...you may put a basting stitch to map out your 50 x 50 so the stitcher has guidelines, but this should be removed prior to sending. 2 inches on all sides should give each recipient ample space to do what they need to do to finish the square. Thanks for your insight, I hope this helps everyone with their concerns. ~Vonna


Barbara said...

Definately Annemarie! We're a democracy :)

I've pretty much zeroed in on a design, but I'll wait till I'm partnered to start.

May I know why do we need to cut such a large piece of fabric for a design that will only occupy 3.25" square? Is there any special reason? Because we're backstitching the outline of 50 x 50 already. I am thinking like maybe like a 6.5" square. That way it'll be easier to mail it in a smaller envelope.

This is just my opinion, however I will abide with the descisions of the moderators :)

Margaret said...

Of course I'm still in Annemarie!! Stitchers choice is no problem for me at all.

Barbara said...

Sorry Vonna. I did not check the rules again. Yeap 7" x 7" is great!