Thursday, May 17, 2007

Update on what I like!

I also like Quaker designs, Workbasket, Drawn Thread, Just Nan, oh heck, I like it all! I love Halloween and Santas! I'm not a big floral person though. Blackbird designs, Little House Needleworks!
I am very excited about participating in the square exchange. I haven't decided if I'll do a wall hanging quilt, or make small goodies with the squares. I guess I'll let the squares decide for me.
I'm ready to start my square!


Lavender Rose said...

Hi, Donna! Halloween and Santas, huh?? I saw the most adorable Santas quilt one time! It was just to die for.... You'll have lots of fun, I just know it!

DaisyGirl said...

I'll update my blog this weekend, I quilted the most cutest frankenstein quilt for my son, I love to decorate for Halloween! I'll post a few pictures of my quilts that I did years ago!