Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Move!! :(

I am posting this here so that we dont' have a package go missing like we almost had with the last round. My daughter has recovered from her accident enough that I no longer have to live with her and her family. YEAH! I love my daughter and her family but I need my own space. This past 2 months has been trying for all of us, my grandson who gave up his room so grandma could have a room, to my SIL for putting up with me being a "clean freak" and letting me yell at the kids and him to keep things picked up and most of all to my daughter for letting me take over her house and torturing (LOL) her with her therapy. So anyway I have bought a small 2 bedroom condo nearby and will be moving in the next week or 2. So please wait until I can email coordinators and my current partner my new and permanent address.


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