Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Squares from Vonna

I'm just a little slow in posting the squares I received from Vonna. She stitched LHN's Pumpkins for me.

There's a funny story behind the squares. Vonna mailed her squares to me on the same day that I posted LHN's Pumpkins on my blog that I had already stitched :) Vonna offered to stitch something else, but I don't mind having two of the same pattern. I want to use the square I stitched for a quilt and use Vonna's for a cube. But anyway, here are her squares...!

Vonna also sent a pretty post card from Indiana, my first set of Piecemakers needles, and some floss from Sparklies in a pumpkiny color! (Thanks again, Vonna!) I hope to post a picture of the finished squares soon :)

1 comment:

staci said...

Love that pattern, wonderful squares!