Friday, November 2, 2007

ROUND #3 Completed ~ Sign ups ~~~

Round #3 is now finished :) Thanks to all the square exchangers. We'll have a 2 week down time now for all the squares to travel in the mail.

Sign ups are still being taken for Round #4 - sign ups will close on Nov. 14. Names will be drawn and exchange by Nov. 16. I will post to the board once EVERYONE has been e-mailed with their partner information. I will then post the partners for Round #4 to the board.

Please notice I've also posted the rounds up through Round #7! And we're up to 72 members on the board and I get an e-mail about every day asking me questions or wanting to sign up. All the lovely squares sent and received are testimony to our great community! Thanks for being a great group to work with!


Marie-P said...

Thanks so much Vonna...I am sure that this takes up quite a bit of your "stitching time" and wanted you to know how much I appreciate your effort. I love participating in this group!

Mindi said...

Wow, this really has grown.

Vonna - thank you so much for organizing this, I know it takes quite a bit of time.

staci said...

Thanks to you Vonna for organizing this exchange!!! You're the reason this has been possible!!!

I've had so much fun participating!

Ruth said...

Vonna-- we quite literally can't thank you enough!

Darla said...

I agree with the rest. THANK YOU for orgainzing this exchange. I really enjoyed my first one and look forward to all the next ones.