Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sandra TO Marg F.

At last my squares have arrived safely from Sandra in The Netherlands. I was a little worried as the parcel had been opened by the customs department.However they had put a note in the package to say nothing had been removed. A good reason why it took a little longer getting here. Sandra kindly sent me some tea bags and either the sniffer dogs thought they were of interest or perhaps the x ray machine made it look like something other than tea. Maybe the person operating the x ray machine was a stitcher and just wanted a closer look at Sandra's lovely stitching plus the extra fabric and threads I was receiving. Hope everyone enjoys the festive season and for those down south we are hoping it will not be too hot on Christmas day while those in the north try to stay warm.
Warm Wishes, Marg F.

1 comment:

Teresa said...

What a beautiful peacock! Colors are lovely. Bet the tea really set those search dogs off! :)