Friday, February 29, 2008


EDITED TO MENTION: ALL partner information has been e-mailed to all participants. IF you have not received your partnering information, then please contact Vonna.
Thank you!

Remember - partners we're matched by randomly drawing them from a bowl by my daughter Katie...Here's the match-ups:

Vonna - Marg F.
Cathy B. - Tracy J.
Daniela - Paula C.
Gaby - Joan S.
Margaret S. - Joanne L.
Sonda - Melissa W.
Nicky R. - Jayne
Laura M. - Melissa C.
Peg - Sandra B.
Anna E. - Karen D.
Jill F. - Ruth B.
Staci - Shelley P.
Melissa G. - Terry P.
Sue W. - Clare
AmySC - Jen R.
Suzanne St. - Sharon B.

Thank you for Participating!!!

1 comment:

Terry said...

Thanks so much Vonna, you are one efficient lady!!!