Thursday, February 28, 2008

Suzanne S. and Kathy R.

This is so exciting. Our packages have crossed in the mail. Suzanne e mailed me to say she received her package on Wednesday and I received mine today. I think it is so cool that they both were sent and received in the same week.
In the note that Suzanne sent to me she stated that she read my notes that said I enjoyed seasons. Sooooo, seeing that it is going into Autumn in Australia, Suzanne made a an Autumn based picture. How wonderfully thoughtful. Thank you so very much.
Also Suzanne sent me some yummy chocolate that will soon be in my tummy and floss. Floss is not 4 or 5 for one dollar her. It is more like between, $1.25 to $.150 a skein. This is very very appreciated.

So for the next few weeks until we are assigned our next partners, I will be working on Angel of the Sea with the SAL.
Here are the lovely pictures.

copy of 101_3656

copy of 101_3655

copy of 101_3653

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