Friday, April 18, 2008


PARTNERS FOR 4th of July Special Holiday Round...
REMEMBER - all squares stitched and exchanged must have a 4th of July theme including at least ONE of the following: USA FLAG/4th of July/fireworks/red-white-blue, etc.

**ALL MEMBERS HAVE BEEN E-MAILED!!! - if you didn't receive your partner's information please contact VONNA as soon as possible**

Have fun ladies with this Round!

Patti K. - Jill F.
Danica M. - Heather L.
Kendra G - April K
Melissa C - Natasha B
Marie P - Diana J
Suzanne St - Wanda B
Michele W - Melita D
Monique - Sonda
Laura M - Christine R
Teresa S - Ruth B.
Melissa P - Staci K
Joan S - Sharon (Daffycat)
Wendy Jo - Barbara CL
Vonna - Kim S
Darla - Paula C
Diane M - Georgie
Sue W - Chris B
Heidi - Donna B
Carolyn F - Karen D
Mary Kathryn - Cathy B

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