Sunday, January 6, 2013

1 More Week to Sign Up...

I am going to push the Valentine Exchange out another week. There were just a few that responded. I will give it another week to see if more interest is shown.

Is it time for this exchange blog to come to an end? Just a thought.

New dates are as follows:

I will take sign-ups until this Friday, January 11.
Partner information will be sent out by Sunday, 1/13 with a mail date of February 11.

Please e-mail me to sign-up,

Hope to hear from you.



Einschies blog said...

Jill have you ever thought of stitching just the front square? This is one of the points I stopped is nice to know the partner but I love to finish in other ways....


Kathy L. said...

I sent an email to sign up Jill. Had fun with the Halloween one.

Kathy L.

Marcy said...

Hi Jill, I sent an email to sign up. Hope you got it.